On Fri, 24.07., 10:00 - 11:00, the new Guided Projects for coming winter semester are presented in a virtual meeting: 

If you could not attend: The event has been recorded, here is the link:


Registration - Step 1

You find the complete project list here: https://ilias.th-koeln.de/goto.php?target=file_1622330_download&client_id=ILIAS_FH_Koeln. (If you cannot access the document, please become member of the course "Master ICS Guided Projects" in ILIAS). 

Make your choice and apply for membership in the corresponding project group located under this folder in ILIAS. You have time until 16. August. Your supervisor will acknowledge your membership, if the project is not overbooked, and if you fulfill the prerequisites. 

Please apply only for the projects you really want to attend. If a project is overbooked (which happens very rarely), we will assist you. 

Registration - Step 2

If the minimum membership headcount is not met, the project will be cancelled. We will help you finding new projects until 27. August. From then on, membership is binding.

The complete registration procedure can be found here: https://ilias.th-koeln.de/goto.php?target=file_1622331_download&client_id=ILIAS_FH_Koeln.