The proposals for the Guided Projects for WS20/21 in Computer Science Master are available now. Here are the next steps: 

1. Selection of A-projects

You all can choose the A projects. All available projects can be found here: (If you do not have access, please join ILIAS course “_General Information Master Inf CompSc” first.) No A- and B-tags attached yet. Please read through and decide which projects you would like to see as A project. 

There is a vote (open to everyone interested) about the A-projects to be selected. You can vote here: Everyone has max. 3 votes - if you select more than 3 projects, your vote doesn't count. 

“A” and “B” projects do not differ in their project content. The difference is that “A” projects have an additional part that deals with team processes, and teaches methods for team crisis analysis and solving. The selection of “A” projects just means that we jointly pick those projects (usually 2 out of the catalogue) that will be “packaged” together with the team part. Prof. Dr. Westenberger and myself (Stefan Bente), together with Eberhard Schenk (responsible for A projects), will pick two or three A projects based on the majority of votes. We will make sure there is at least one English A project suitable for IS students, and at least one (English or German) A project suitable for SE students. 

The vote is open until Thu 23rd July, 20:00. 

2. Presentation of A- and B-Projects

Based on the votes, A- and B-Projects will be assigned. They will be presented on Fri 24th July, 10:00 - 11:00, in a Zoom meeting: 

If you cannot attend: I will record the presentation and publish the link here, so no worries. In addition, the presentation material will be made available.

3. Application Phase

Application phase for the projects starts on Fri 24th July after the presentation. Further details will be presented on Fri.