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(Graduates of ST2 in SS20 will find this a bit familiar. In fact, the idea takes the practical assignment for ST2 to the next level: The goal is to implement a loosely coupled architecture according to DDD principles (i.e. a microservice application) in a realistic size.



coupled modules - and their roles

For this project, four modules in three study programs will come together - this is pretty new, complex, and innovative, even for ArchiLab standards (Lächeln). The students will take up different roles, as shown below.  


After the Hackathon, there will be a final presentation by all teams.

Klingt interessant - was sind die nächsten Schritte?


If you want to prepare: In this project, you can apply your DDD and coding knowledge (... what you learnt in ST1 und ST2 ...) to a real application. The following books I can recommend. You can access online versions from the TH Köln VPN.