Diesen Freitag zu Gast sind noch einmal drei Vortragende von ThoughtWorks: Wolf Schlegel, Laura Ionescu und Felix Hammerl mit einem Vortrag zum Thema "8 things developers should know about microservices" - Freitag 01.02., 13:30 Uhr, Raum 0501, TH Köln, Campus Gummersbach - Kommt vorbei!

Über die Vortragenden:

Wolf Schlegel is a professionally qualified software engineer with over 20 years of international consulting experience. He worked throughout the software lifecycle as a developer, software systems architect, team lead, business analyst and enterprise IT architect delivering major software systems. Wolf works for ThoughtWorks Germany and helps teams to deliver working software. Wolf‘s primary professional interests are microservices in the cloud, continuous delivery and devops, software architecture, agile enablement and humanitarian software.

Laura Ionescu is a passionate software developer who enjoys learning something new every day. As a software consultant, she focuses on delivering quality software, while also enabling teams to work in agile ways. Her primary interests are microservices, advocating for continuous delivery and a devops mindset.

Felix Hammerl works at ThoughtWorks as a Software Engineer in the area of Information Security. He found his calling while he worked on a service that offered fully encrypted email for the masses. Today he passionately advocates for security culture, clean code, and lean development practices and firmly believes that you can‘t have one without the other.

Über das Thema:

In their lecture, Felix, Laura and Wolf share experiences and learnings from building and evolving microservices. The topics covered include:
• How big is a microservice?
• No big bang releases
• Templates for microservices
• Pull over push
• Choreography over orchestration
• Consumer driven contracts
• Secure microservices
• More about secure microservices